Sweet Remedies Cookbook

Extremely excited to be able to share that the book I work on Sweet remedies with Storey Publishing last spring is now available! What a blast of a project and a highlight of last year. Here is a small selection of some of my favorite images from the project! Styling by Catrine Kelty

Baked Eggs and Brain Bowls with Joy Howard and Ann Lewis

This winter has been all about collaboration for me. It’s refreshing to bring everyone you work with throughout the year together just to create and do what we do best with no pressure, deadlines, or client requests. It’s shoot’s like these that truly fuel me and keep me reminded of why I am so passionate about what I do. I drove up to Northampton, MA to Joy’s house to shoot some fun ideas with her and prop stylist Ann Lewis. I have worked with Joy on B.GOOD throughout 2018 and it was nice to step outside of burgers and shakes and have some fun with dishes we both had in mind to shoot as well as her awesome cocktail slushy recipe! Can’t wait to work more with these two in 2019! 

Spring Cleaning with Kaylei McGaw

Good friend and talented prop stylist Kaylie McGaw and I got together for an impromptu still life test shoot this past Saturday at her studio. We started with a rough idea of stacked piles of plates, dishes, and home goods styled ‘perfectly imperfect’ which then we both quickly realized gave us a spring cleaning vibe which then made us think of summer and quickly took a turn into tropical laid back evenings of fresh fruit and dappled sunlight. I guess this is what happens when you go in with little planning and just see what happens. I am super stoked with the results though so I hope you enjoy them too! 

Here is also some behind the scenes of Kaylei and I working!

January Day Trip

My friend Aimee and I (also a freelance photographer) were in a mutual agreement that we were both getting seriously stir crazy and needed some time away from our computers so we took a trip to one of my favorite greenhouses in Northampton, MA to get some fresh air and dust off our cameras a bit. I find myself in studios and other very controlled environments with stylists, lights and mood boards these days so it was nice to get out and just take photos  for the sake of taking photos. Hope you enjoy!

One Mighty Mill

I have been gluten free since 2013. Not by choice but because I get extremely sick if I eat it. Like so many others these days I just deal with it and have learned to be overly cautious when eating out, grocery shopping, and questioning everything I eat. I have never officially been tested for allergy or celiac, all I knew is when I didn’t eat wheat I felt great. Now, 2018 my friend Jon (formerly B.GOOD CEO) starts One Mighty Mill. His goal is to bring back #wheatyoucaneat by stone grinding organic, pesticide free whole wheat grown in Maine. Why is this important? Because industrialized flour is complete BS. Stripped of nutrients and riddled with chemicals all to sustain long shelf life. Long story short, when I went to go hangout, check the new place and get some promotional photo’s for them  before they officially launched I decided to eat one of his bagels. I eat a whole wheat bagel. I hadn’t voluntarily eat wheat in 5 years. What happened? I didn’t get sick, not after eating it nor the next morning (when it usually hits for me). If I went to the grocery store and bought bread to eat I’d be all sorts of messed up. It took 5 years for me to realize that I am not celiac, or allergic to wheat. I am allergic to additives, pesticides, and all the other crap in industrialized wheat. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of documenting this next chapter for Jon and the journey of One Mighty Mill.

Best of Boston Home 2019

One of the most fun editorial assignments I had the pleasure of working on with prop stylist Kaylei McGaw in 2018 for Boston Home Magazines annual ‘Best of Boston Home’. Making ordinary objects appear more interesting with light, composition, and killer styling is one of my favorite things to do!

Camping in Acadia, Maine

Despite the heavy rains at night making camp cooking and campfires nearly impossible (the best part about camping) Acadia, Maine in early October is insanely beautiful. This was my first trip there and something about the ocean meeting the forest is a sight that not much else compares too. 

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