Spring in England

Super excited to share some photos from my recent (and first) trip to the UK with Moe. We left on a Friday night and spent the first leg of our trip in London at The Ruben’s in Victoria. I underestimated just exactly how much walking we would do this trip—but despite my aching feet, I think the sights were worth it.

I always think it’s fun being a tourist in an unfamiliar city. We checked out Big Ben, Westminster Bridge, the Eye, and The British Museum along with some quieter, unassuming places like Holland Park and some back end streets to get a more authentic local perspective. 

After our time in the city, we ventured west into the Cotswolds. The English Countryside is unlike anything I have ever seen. Picture vast green hills, roaming fields of sheep, horse, and lively yellow rapeseed. We spent three days exploring quite a few of the villages in the region. Seriously unforgettable!

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