Food Stop Motion Photography for SAPJACK with Tiny Bully Agency

Back in October my team and I were tasked to create eight five-second and twelve-second stop-motion videos for SAPJACK with Tiny Bully Agency. From brainstorming concepts to recipe development it was a pleasure collaborating with the SAPKJACK and Tiny Bully team to make these come to life! Here are some examples of my personal favorites.  

Fun fact: Although extensively widdled down to meet our time constraints this video in full was 181 individual frames with our longest recipe maple pork tenderloin being a total of 258 individual frames.

Editorial : Top 50 Restaurants 2022 Photographed for Boston Magazine

Best restaurants 2022 shot for Boston Magazine. As a major Boston foodie, this was one of my favorite assignments of the year! You can read the full article here -

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